Mirage(s), op. 18

Mirage(s) explores the theme of the mirage at different levels of reading.

In the first one, the mirage comes from the nothingness and takes shape gradually. Then, we see this mirage, and the view has an impact on us: we react, we try to understand it. Then, the mirage fades and goes back to nothingness. This is the narration level of the piece.

The second level "creates" scores in the score itself. This is the sense of the following indications that are in the score: "Mirage 1", "Mirage 2". During these fermatas, music hidden in the score has to be played. They are in the instrumentalists' parts, each one just has to play one extract of it. Put together, these parts create a new part. The discovery of these musics gives a new sense to the work. However, the discover of these mirages are not required to perform Mirae(s) in concert.

Mirage(s) has been commissioned by the Ensemble Accordéus. ​​​​​​​The piece is dedicated to them.

Version française cliquez ici.

Specifications :

  • Title: Mirage(s), op. 18
  • Year of composition: 2018
  • Duration: 13 minutes
  • Instrumentation: Accordion orchestra (Accordion I, Accordion II, Accordion III, Accordion IV)
  • Commission: by Ensemble Accordéus


The score of Mirage(s), op. 18 will be available soon.