On this page are listed all the movies scored by Romain Corbisier.

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RELEASE DATE: 30th MAY, 2018

La Naissance de Narcisse (2018, director: Hugo Parthonnaudis the first full length movie scored by Romain Corbisier.

"A young agoraphobic and megalomaniac scientist expresses a strong contempt for his fellows. Obsessed with a physical paradox he can't seem to solve, he decides to clone himself, since, according to him, only a brain similar to his can accomplish his work. After some time, the clone's presence becomes problematic..."

Some excerpts of the original soundtrack:


Plan Suicidaire is a short movie directed by Richard Doineau and Vallauris Doineau.

"At a party, Gabrielle arrives late and introduces herself as the François-Barthélémy's and Maron's girlfriend. These two guys, who are very different, will try to understand the situation as well as possible and finally to get her back."

 Some excerpts of the original soundtrack: