Trio "Epic Adventure in three acts" for flute, cello and piano, op. 4a

This Trio is so far the most ambitious piece (by its dimension) composed by Romain Corbisier: the performance duration of the entire three acts is more than one hour and twenty minutes. This very large proportion is principally due to its genesis: initially, only the first actual first act was composed and this one received its premiere at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles in April 2010. In front of this very enthusiastic creation, the instrumentalists who performed wanted to carry on the adventure; and that is why two more acts have been composed.
If Romain Corbisier speaks of "acts" to structure his work, it is because the narrative and the theatrical aspects of it are crucial: it is a music program in which each act tells a part of the whole story (like episodes of a saga). We find then in the Trio "Epic Adventure" one of the Romain Corbisier's characteristics: a will to express emotions and to tell stories in music.

Even if this Trio is chamber music, the instrumental writing gives to it an orchestral impression, drawing large musical murals. In this score, Romain Corbisier invites us through a journey among the richness of the combinations between the flute, the cello and the piano.

In front of the huge possibilities offered by the score, Romain Corbisier is planning to compose a symphonic version and a piano solo version of it.​​​​​​​

    Version française cliquez ici.


    • Title: Trio "Epic Adventure in three acts" for flute, cello and piano, op. 4a (original title: Trio "Aventure Epique en trois actes" pour flûte, violoncelle et piano, op. 4a) 
    • Year of composition: 2010-2011 
    • Duration: 83 minutes (Act I : 23 minutes, Act II : 28 minutes, Act III : 32 minutes) 
    • Creation: 8th March, 2010 (Grand Salon, Conservatoire Municipal de Marcq-en-Baroeul, Marcq-en-Baroeul, France - by: flute: Aurore Molord, cello: Astrid Wauters, piano: Alexis Carré)